Practice Areas

How Can We Help You?

PHILSONG & PARTNERS has the following areas of specialization;


Corporate law

The Firm offers Corporate Law Services to its clients in an effort to meet the over growing demands resulting from innovative startups and well established companies that must adhere to rules of Corporate Governance.


Commercial Transactions & Litigation

Commercial Transactions are expeditious and are at a click of a button in light of modern technology. Philsong & Partners aims at providing innovative Legal Solutions to complex Commercial Transactions in a timely and effective manner.


Reconciliation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation

The Firm encourages Alternative Dispute Resolution to save clients from the costs of Litigation and handles matters of Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation effectively.


Family & Succession Law

With the family being the basic unit of a Community, Philsong & Partners has a vast experience in meeting family interest by facilitating Adoptions, reconciliation of broken marriages, ensuring peaceful separations were reconciliation is not possible, Litigating Affiliation proceedings, Custody, obtaining Maintenance Orders, obtaining Letters of Administration and Probate as well as drafting of wills.  


Media Law

The Media industry faces challenges in the form of Statutory Regulations and Compliance, Defamation Lawsuits, and Oppression by the State in terms of Freedoms of Expression by the Press. Philsong & Partners is specialized in giving sound advice with respect to Media Law.



Our firm further acts for immigrants in need of various types of permits, residence status and Citizenship from the Immigration Department and has experience representing immigrants who face deportation charges.


Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Laws govern innovation and arts.  The Firm takes a keen interest in ensuring that our clients’ innovation and expressions of art are protected by facilitating registration inventions with the World Intellectual Property Organization, African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, and Patents and Companies Registration Agency.


Information Technology Law

Technology has become a huge part of everyone. Zambia has since passed several pieces of Legislation regulating the Information and Communication Technology Sector. Some of the pieces of Legislation in this area include The Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act No. 2 of 2021, the Information and Communications Technologies Act No. 15 of 2009 and The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 4 of 2021. At Philsong & Partners our endeavor is to ensure that our clients are well represented in matters of Information Technology Laws.


Labour Law

Philsong & Partners does not only have vast experience in Litigating Labor related matters, it further has a good track record in giving accurate Legal opinions when it comes to Labor disputes and Contracts to our clients.


Contract Law

The firm also specializes in drafting of Contracts, reviewing Contracts and Litigating Contract Disputes.



The Advocates for the firm are qualified Public Prosecutors and Defenders. The Advocates Defend Public Prosecutions and can conduct Private Prosecutions upon request from the Clients and upon Approval by the Director of Public Prosecutions.



The firm has vast experience in different types of land Transfer Transactions. It ensures a smooth and quick professional transfer of Land by making sure that the Land acquired has no encumbrances or fettered by fraud.