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Philimon Songolo

Philimon is the Managing Partner. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration specializing in Finance obtained from Cavendish University Zambia

In addition, apart from being a fully-fledged Advocate of the High Court and Supreme Court of Zambia, Philimon is also a qualified and certified Public Prosecutor having undergone intensive training in Public Prosecution at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education. Philimon specializes mostly in Media Law, Contract Law, Labor Law, Conveyancing, Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Legal Drafting and Litigation.

Henry Mulenga

Henry is a Senior Associate at the Law Firm. He holds a Master of Laws Degree in Corporate Law and a Bachelor of Laws Degree. Henry is also an Advocate of the Superior Courts in Zambia.

He specializes in all aspects of Corporate Law and Criminal Procedure. He is also actively involved in Commercial transactions and Litigation top of which is Debt Collection and Enforcement of Securities, Insolvency proceedings and Company Secretarial work.

Cornwell Samechi

Cornwell is an Associate at the firm and an Advocate of the High Court for Zambia. He holds a Bachelors of Laws degree(LLB) from the University of Zambia.

Dean Kufekisa Siyandwa

Dean is an Associate at the Law Firm and holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Zambia. He specialises in all aspects of Corporate Law and is actively involved in Commercial Transactions and General Practice of Law. Dean also holds a keen interest in Mining Law and Compliance as well as Labour Law and Labour Relations developed from the experience of practicing the same.

Support Staff

Mabuchi Harawa

Mabuchi ensures that our books of accounts together with our clients’ accounts are in order. Her duties extend to ensuring that Philsong & Partners are compliant with Zambia Revenue Authority and other statutory financial obligations. Mabuchi is the anchor of the firm’s Accounts Department. 

Aston Chambwa

To ensure that our clients get the best services when it comes to Conveyancing, Aston takes his responsibility to follow up on pending Conveyancing transactions at Ministry of Lands very seriously. Thanks to him, the firm fulfills its Conveyancing obligations to its clients swiftly and professionally. 

Gabriel Sinyinda

Gabriel is dedicated to his work which includes service of court process, demand letters, legal documents and any other such documents that require service. He is very diligent and handy when it comes to assisting the rest of the team at Philsong & Partners in any other area where his assistance maybe needed.

Ilunga Mwelwa Mumba

Ilunga is highly reliable when it comes to attending to clients, contacting clients, and relaying clients’ demands or requests to our Advocates. She is very instrumental in sending outgoing documents and receiving incoming documents or phone calls.

Thomas Tembo

Thomas holds the firm together by ensuring that we meet all our court deadlines. In His quest to ensure that Philsong & Partners clients are satisfied, Thomas makes the necessary follow ups with court marshals for hearing dates and ensures that Philsong & Partners are compliant with court registry filing timelines by working together with the respective counsels. 

Claudia Kakalaki

Claudia attends to our clients’ needs by setting up appointments with our Lawyers and ensures that our court and clients diary are well synchronized. Thanks to Claudia, our Advocates court and client diaries are well organized.  Her contribution to the firm is highly valued. 

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