Philsong & Partners

The Firm

We provide several Legal services through qualified Advocates such as Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Contract Drafting, Legal opinions, Private Criminal Prosecution, Company Secretarial work and Conveyancing.

About us

Messrs Philsong & Partners  Legal Practitioners   has specialised in the area of Company and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Landlord and Tenant Law and Practice, Enforcement of Banking Securities, Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, Insolvency Law, Arbitration, Investment Appraisals and Debt Collection.

The firm is also involved in the practice of Media Law, Administrative Law, Industrial and Labor Relations Law, Family Law, and Corporate Governance Practices among other areas.


All of our Lawyers are highly trained specialists in their area of the Law. They are highly motivated to get the best result for you, the client.

Practical Solutions

We will not only advise you about the Law but will draw on our experience to provide you with practical and effective solutions to your particular situation.

Value for Money

There won’t be any hidden costs when you receive your bill. We will explain to you the Legal work that is required, the prospect of a successful outcome and the cost.


Corporate law

The firm offers Corporate Law services to its clients to meet the growing demands resulting from innovative startups and well-established companies that must adhere to rules of Corporate Governance.

Commercial Transactions & Litigation

Commercial Transactions are expeditious and are at a click of a button in light of modern technology. Philsong & Partners aims at providing innovative legal solutions to complex Commercial Transactions in a timely and effective manner.

Reconciliation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation

The firm encourages Alternative Dispute Resolution to save clients from the costs of Litigation and handles matters of Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation effectively.


Our firm further acts for immigrants in need of various types of permits, residence status and citizenship from the Immigration Department and has experience representing immigrants who face deportation charges.


The Advocates for the Firm are qualified Public Prosecutors and Defenders. The Advocates Defend Public Prosecutions and can conduct Private Prosecutions upon request from the Clients and upon Approval by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Media Law

The Media industry faces challenges in the form of Statutory Regulations and Compliance, Defamation Lawsuits, and Oppression by the State in terms of Freedoms of Expression by the Press. Philsong & Partners is specialized in giving sound advice with respect to Media Law.